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Porsche Approved Limited Warranty

Porsche Approved Limited Warranty

Your dream Porsche will give you plenty of driving pleasure. With the Porsche Approved Certified Pre-owned limited warranty, you will experience yet another good feeling.The feeling of security. And the reassuring certainty to have made the right decision. In case of a problem, the comprehensive warranty covers 100% of the costs for material and labor for covered components.

Porsche Approved Limited Warranty Coverage

If the Porsche Approved vehicle is purchased while the qualifying Porsche vehicle is still under the new vehicle limited warranty, the maximum coverage is up to six years or 160,000 kilometres, cumulative from the date the vehicle was first put on the road, whichever comes first. If the Porsche Approved vehicle is purchased after the Porsche new vehicle limited warranty has expired, the maximum coverage is up to two years or 80,000 kilometres from the date of the used vehicle retail sale, not to exceed a cumulative total of 160,000 kilometres from the original retail delivery, whichever comes first. The new vehicle limited warranties applicable to your Porsche vehicle are primary until they expire.